Fall Trends that are Perfect for Maternity

It’s almost 2022, and it’s all about embracing your beautiful baby bump. Thanks to celebrities and fashion bloggers, and embracing the curves that come with the bump because we owe our body more appreciation for what it’s capable of! In this blog, we will talk about Fall/Winter trends that are perfect for maternity wear. For expectant moms, clothes need to offer joy, comfort, style and protection all at once. So keep reading!


Skirts are the ultimate in comfort and are ideal for maternity. A satin or floral skirt will make your baby bump look extra stylish. Pair your midi skirt with a coat for this fall/winter 2022 look because layering will always give you a chic look. This look is ideal because, as we all know, when you’re pregnant, your body temperature varies wildly, so if you’re feeling warm, take off the coat, and if you’re feeling cold, put it on. 

Comfort sets:

Sweatpants will always be your number one comfort whether you are pregnant, postpartum, or at any stage of your life, and because you are carrying a plus one for the next 9 months,  sweatpants are just the perfect answer for you, its soft material and the extra room you have makes it the ultimate comfort. But who says you can’t be both comfortable and fashionable? Wear the matching sweatpants and hoodie with a coat to complete the chic look.


Dresses with prints or unicolor are, without a doubt, the absolute protagonists of pregnancy trends for this fall 2021. In addition to having all kinds of cuts, styles and fits, these types of dresses stand out for being able to easily adapt to any type of pregnant woman: from the most chic and feminine, to those that prioritize comfort above all else.


Don’t be afraid to try one of fall’s biggest trends: the Bermuda short. When paired with a classic t-shirt, you’ll be stylish, but more importantly, super comfortable

Fashion oversized:

Who said fashion oversize was not for pregnant women? The last of the trends we want to talk about today is fashion oversize also accompanied by the fashion of creating layers on top of each other. Oversized sweatshirts, sagging and ripped pants, boy’s T-shirts and stylish coats are some of the trends that, in addition to being comfortable, have their own unmistakable style.

What’s your favorite pregnancy trend for this fall? I must confess that I love them all, it’s hard for me to choose, but dresses have always had a special place in my heart! Let me know what’s yours! Until next week! 



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